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Our services

LUMIEI Impianti is your trusted partner for the preliminary, detailed, construction and structural design of turnkey hydroelectric power station, with a guarantee of certified quality.
LUMIEI can delivery the following:

Complete turnkey hydroelectric power plants

We can build full hydroelectric power plants with a turnkey formula. This includes civil works, pipelines and the electromechanical parts of the intake system and the powerhouse, providing clients with the reassurance of a single supplier.

Design, supply and installation of hydroelectric turbines

Our years of experience enable us to design high-performing hydraulic turbines using modern calculation instruments, with an assurance of reliability and high yields. We design each and every turbine from scratch with its own hydraulic profile, tailored to the client’s specific needs.
Hydraulic turbines:

  • Kaplan (reaction turbines)
  • Francis (reaction turbines)
  • Pelton (impulse turbine)

Design and construction of electrical systems for hydroelectric plants

We can design and build the station’s electrical system, complete with LV switchgear: on the power side, from the generator to the point of delivery, for the distribution of auxiliary services, for the powerhouse and the intake system, complete with automation, including:

  • Electrical control consoles with PLC
  • Auxiliary switchgear
  • Paralleling switchgear
  • Water intake system switchgear
  • Remote control

Plant automation

Design and construction of automation systems, including sensors and detectors connected to the PLC for automated plant operation.

Mechanical design and supply of individual mechanical parts

If needed, we can design, build and install individual items of mechanical or electrical equipment for the proper functioning of hydroelectric power plants, and replace damaged or worn parts. At our facilities, we can design, build and install the steel structures needed to get the best performance from the hydroelectric power station, including:

  • Sluice gates
  • Mesh screen
  • Grills with special profile
  • Special features

Aqueduct plants

This type of plant exploits aqueduct systems and existing electricity production facilities, replacing dissipation valves, where present, with modern hydroelectric turbines. Our solutions give prime importance to the quality of potable water, by using materials and solutions that do not affect chemical composition, and guaranteeing supplies to domestic and industrial users at all times, even during downtime.

Routine and ordinary maintenance and hydroelectric power plant management

We provide routine preventive maintenance services to guarantee the efficiency of all equipment in the powerhouse and the intake system. We can also perform extraordinary maintenance on entire power plants or their constituent parts to restore operations or for upgrades to meet new regulatory requirements.
We provide a full plant management service, which includes daily remote control, scheduled ordinary maintenance and call-outs in the event of plant downtime, even on Sundays and public holidays, to ensure the maximum operation time possible.

Feasibility studies

Our years of experience give us the know-how to draft a full technical, financial and landscape report, including graphics, which can be used to identify the main characteristics and verify the feasibility of installing a hydroelectric power plant. We also include flow rate measurements taken by our staff using propeller water current meters.
A feasibility study is a good starting point from which to proceed to the next stages of your application for a hydroelectric public water diversion concession.

Assistance with water diversion and concession applications

We can produce all the design, technical and administrative a hydroelectric public water diversion and concession application. This includes reports for the issue of environmental impact assessment authorisations, landscape compatibility clearance, noise assessments and ecological status assessments.
Quantitative monitoring of water by our staff using special instruments including propeller water current meters. This is performed at appropriate intervals to provide a credible sample of the flow rate in a given watercourse.

Lumiei Impianti guarantees the quality
of its installations at every level, from the smallest component
to the plant as a whole