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hydroelectric power stations


Design your plant

We design, build
and install small and medium-sized hydroelectric power plants.

Your new source of energy.

Hydroelectric power plants are perfect for supplying alternative energy to remote areas and developing countries.
With LUMIEI Impianti, these solutions are becoming more and more cost-effective, thanks to years of research dedicated to fine-tuning our technologies and improving yields.

LUMIEI hydraulic machines are suitable for all head and flow conditions and are the best, up-to-date solution for minimising initial investment and the operating costs of small plants.

We optimise the exploitation of natural resources

Run-of-river and aqueduct power stations are the area in which LUMIEI Impianti has made a particularly important contribution, by harnessing local alternative energy sources and focusing on high standards, technology and cost-effectiveness.

To get the most out of investments in run-of-river and aqueduct power stations, LUMIEI Impianti guarantees:

  • a) construction of reliable automated, unmanned plants
  • b) proper and effective operating conditions to avoid anomalous circumstances that require extraordinary activities
  • c) very simple drawings of automated electrical and oil-hydraulic processes and coordinated plant design
  • d) carefully selected components that are fully installed and finely tuned to the last detail before start-up

All this cuts down on staff and related costs, reduces the number of components, facilitates the identification and elimination of faults, minimises monitoring and maintenance operations and ensures continuous production.

Lumiei Impianti guarantees the quality
of its installations at every level, from the smallest component
to the plant as a whole