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We design, build and install hydroelectric power plants for the production of clean, renewable energy.

Your new source of energy.

LUMIEI Impianti is your ideal partner for the conception, design, construction and maintenance of small hydroelectric power plants and small aqueduct hydroelectric power stations. A turnkey formula that guarantees maximum yields at low cost, based on the client’s specific needs. We build hydraulic systems based on our own technology developed by our highly skilled technical experts. LUMIEI Impianti guarantees the quality of its solutions by conducting rigorous checks at all pre-installation stages.

What is a hydroelectric power station

We build aqueducts power plants

We build run-of-river power plants

Energy for your future

Energy that is safe, always renewable and respects the environment. This is what designers are looking for and what LUMIEI plants can deliver.

The increasing demand for new power plants and for the renovation of existing hydroelectric power stations can find a technological and cost-effective solution in the machines built by LUMIEI Impianti, suitable for all head and flow conditions…

Lumiei Impianti guarantees the quality
of its installations at every level, from the smallest component
to the plant as a whole