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Automated rotating wire mesh screen

The need to reduce clogging in hydraulic turbines caused by material suspended or floating in rivers, which are the “raw material” of hydroelectric power plants, can be met by installing suitable water filtering systems. These include grills and automated cleaning systems, which can be installed upstream of the reservoir before entry into the penstocks feeding into the turbines.

An innovative solution

LUMIEI Impianti offers an innovative water filtering solution, based on its experience and in-depth studies. This automated rotating screen presents a new shape and a unique automated cleaning system. The single mobile wire mesh serves the dual function of intercepting and transporting debris. The mesh is made from AISI 304 stainless steel to ensure the best resistance to corrosion and wear and tear and is driven by special toothed wheels in the same material.
An electric gear motor drives the screen, which not only ensures a more streamlined and reliable system, but also avoids the need for an additional hydraulic handling system and the risk of polluting the watercourse with accidental hydraulic oil spillage.
The successful results seen at the pilot plants where the equipment was installed encouraged LUMIEI Impianti to patent the automated rotating wire mesh screen (patent number 0001417287 granted 7 September 2015).

Mesh screen patentPublication of screen 05/2013

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