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hydroelectric power stations


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LUMIEI impianti:
your partner for renewable energy

LUMIEI Impianti designs, builds and performs maintenance and recovery on hydroelectric plants. We also specialise in the development and construction of run-of-river and aqueduct power stations. The company offers more than 20 years’ experience in the construction and installation of hydraulic machines for grid or islanded operation that are compact, reliable, fully automated and have minimal maintenance requirements.

Our know-how allows us to build full hydroelectric power plants – including on potable water conduits – and specific components. We also provide ordinary maintenance and inspections and overhauls of all types of turbine and entire power stations.

LUMIEI Impianti also provides customers with assistance in official administrative procedures and activities and with concession applications.

We design, build
and install small and medium-sized hydroelectric power plants.

Your new source of energy.

Hydroelectric power plants are perfect for supplying alternative energy to remote areas and developing countries.
With LUMIEI Impianti, these solutions are becoming more and more cost-effective, thanks to years of research dedicated to fine-tuning our technologies and improving yields…

Kaplan turbine:
low heads, high volumes of water

Francis turbine:
medium head, medium water flow rate

The Francis turbine is used on sites with medium hydraulic heads and water volumes. The opening of the guide vanes can be varied according to the volume of water available, making it highly efficient.

Pelton turbine:
high heads, low water flow rates

The Pelton turbine splits the water flow into several jets that can be adjusted autonomously, making it extremely efficient, even with small volumes of water.

Quality and professionalism at every stage of your project: from feasibility to delivery.

LUMIEI Impianti has always paid close attention to quality at every stage of a project: from conception and construction to installation and start-up. This is why the company has a reputation for reliability and can guarantee consistently high yields and low operating and maintenance costs.
The commitment of our highly specialised experts ensures excellent performance, whether from newly designed installations or for the recovery and modernisation of existing power stations or plants. Our know-how can be found in even the smallest components: with LUMIEI Impianti there is quality at every level.

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Lumiei Impianti guarantees the quality
of its installations at every level, from the smallest component
to the plant as a whole