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Run-of-river hydroelectric power plants

A run-of-river hydroelectric power plant consists of civil and hydraulic works and electromechanical equipment and is built to convert the potential energy of water flowing from a higher point than the level of the turbines.

The two main factors for determining the power that can potentially be generated are:

  • head: the difference in height between the location of the water resource and the point of outlet;
  • flow rate: the amount of water available for the turbine, net of the discharge (MVF) required by law.

Aqueduct plants

One important sector for the development and application of renewable energy involves the placement of hydroelectric turbines along networks of aqueducts and irrigation systems. These installations can exploit differences in heads and flow rates occurring in existing infrastructure, such as pipelines and canals. In addition to the production of electricity using potential energy that would otherwise be lost, this system also has a lower environmental impact because it exploits existing infrastructure.

As specialists in this sector, LUMIEI Impianti has delivered numerous aqueduct installations and has now designed and fitted out a test laboratory at its Sauris premises, where plants are built to scale to simulate the future installation and to study the behaviour of the turbine under different working conditions.

Automated rotating wire mesh screen

The need to reduce clogging in hydraulic turbines caused by material suspended or floating in rivers, which are the “raw material” of hydroelectric power plants, can be met by installing suitable water filtering systems. These include grills and automated cleaning systems, which can be installed upstream of the reservoir before entry into the penstocks feeding into the turbines.

Energy for your future

Energy that is safe, always renewable and respects the environment. This is what designers are looking for and what LUMIEI plants can deliver.

The increasing demand for new power plants and for the renovation of existing hydroelectric power stations can find a technological and cost-effective solution in the machines built by LUMIEI Impianti, suitable for all head and flow conditions.

Maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum, thanks to the characteristics of the materials and parts used, while high levels of automation and control of the hydraulic turbines ensure the safety and reliability of operations.

Lumiei Impianti guarantees the quality
of its installations at every level, from the smallest component
to the plant as a whole