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The power
of a custom-built
hydroelectric plant


for energy


for your future


Our projects

LUMIEI Impianti has delivered numerous projects of varying dimensions, capacities and flow rates in Italy and abroad. These range from hydroelectric power stations designed and built from scratch to renovations and upgrades.

All solutions were designed to optimise resources and require minimal maintenance.

Lumiei Impianti guarantees the quality
of its installations at every level, from the smallest component
to the plant as a whole

Design and construction

Turnkey formula for hydroelectric power plants designed and constructed by LUMIEI. The first stage is the feasibility study, based on the client’s needs and the morphology of the site. This is followed by a technical and financial report.

These are the criteria guiding the design and production process:

  • Automated unmanned operation
  • Careful determination of actual operating requirements
  • Simplified automated processes, thanks to coordinated design
  • High-quality components
  • High safety levels
  • Systematic testing of all mechanical and electrical parts and the command instrument components
  • Thorough tuning during start-up

Turbines are supplied pre-assembled and pre-tested, reducing overall project delivery times.

LUMIEI Impianti follows the same procedure when modernising existing plants and installs individual parts, such as the electrical system or the entire turbine unit.